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No Safe Ground


Reynolds Packard's life is the way he seems to like it—dreary and uneventful. He's a down-at-heels limo driver who lives in a run-down house in the back woods of upstate New York, with no family or ties other than his ex-cop cousin, Millie.

And then, into his life barrels a girl he had never expected to see again—the daughter he'd given up fifteen years before.

Vida, now a twenty-year-old Iraqi war veteran, is AWOL, and running for her life. She has no where else to go, and has come to Pack for help. She believes a fellow American soldier in Iraq killed her best friend, and is now coming after her.

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"Reynolds 'Pack' Packard, the lead in this stand-alone from Pomeroy, is not your average protagonist: he's grizzled, antisocial, and lives off the grid in a rundown cabin. . . Pomeroy's characters are rough around the edges but expertly drawn, making this fast-paced thriller both intriguing and believable."
   —Publishers Weekly

"A middle-aged veteran's quiet life ends when his daughter begs him for help. . . Fans of Pomeroy's Abby Silvernale (Cold Moon Home, etc.) will welcome another strong heroine who must overcome physical and mental challenges to survive."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Pomeroy crafts an adrenaline-pounding thriller from a hot-button topic: the treatment of women in the US military. When his long-abandoned daughter turns up on his Columbia County doorstep, burned-out limo driver 'Pack' Packard reluctantly steps up. AWOL after witnessing the murder of a fellow female soldier, Vida's sure she'll be next. Believable characters and tense pacing keep the pages turning."
   —Nina Shengold, Chronogram

"Reynolds 'Pack' Packard is an independent limo driver living alone in the backwoods of upstate New York. He lives simply in a run-down house, enjoying the occasional joint and the company of his only friend, a former state trooper, Millie. Suddenly, a young woman barges into his home. She is Vida, the daughter he abandoned 15 years ago, who is now a 25-year-old Iraq War veteran with PTSD. She is also AWOL and sure that an American soldier who killed her best friend in Iraq now wants to kill her. Pack is skeptical, prompting Vida to run off while he is sleeping. Vida's appearance triggers a series of events that will pit her, Pack, and Millie against a crazed killer who is perfectly willing to eliminate anyone who gets in his way. This fast-moving thriller boasts a cast of agreeably quirky characters."
   —Barbara Bibel, Booklist

"No Safe Ground was fast-paced and suspenseful, and I found it an entertaining read."
   —Maddy Van Hertbruggen, I Love a Mystery

"A great thriller—had me on the the edge of my seat from the first page until the last. I usually read first-rate thrillers only once but I'm going to read No Safe Ground again."
   —Andrew Gulli, Managing Editor, The Strand Magazine

"Seamless and telling, like a scar you never knew you had—No Safe Ground hits the ground running on the legs of a true story-teller; Julia Pomeroy is a mystery writer hitting her stride."
   —Craig Johnson, bestselling author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries and the basis for A&E's hit television series Longmire

"A gripping, human tale of a father who will stop at nothing to save the daughter he barely knows, No Safe Ground will keep your pulse pounding and the pages flying."
   —Andrew Gross, NYT bestselling author of Eyes Wide Open and 15 Seconds

"Julia Pomeroy delivers style, suspense and an intriguing and timely plot in No Safe Ground, the story of a wounded Iraqi vet who returns stateside with only a sketchy memory of the explosion that scarred her and killed her closest friend. Vida Packard's search for answers about the victim's secret life sends her AWOL, back to the father who abandoned her and possibly into the hands of a demented killer. A fast-paced, literate, page-turner that will appeal to fans of Nelson DeMille's The General's Daughter."
   —Rosemary Harris, Anthony finalist and author of Pushing Up Daisies and Dead Head

"A fast-paced thriller with plenty of surprises. Julia Pomeroy is a good storyteller, offering up suspenseful adventure and colorful characters in a portrait of one woman's encounter with the unintended consequences of life in a time of war."
   —Major Robin H. Benziger, Director of Training, NY State Police

Five Star: Cengage, Hardcover, February 2013, ISBN: 9781432826826