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Me Too Short Stories

Me Too Short Stories: An Anthology
Now Available

What do women want? A voice. To be heard. Respect. To be believed. Justice. To be both safe and free. The women in these stories have daughters, sisters, friends. The minister worries about her parishioners. The banshee worries about the Hippocratic Oath. The microbiologist worries about her obligation to the dead. They will use any means to protect themselves and those they love: a childish jingle, a skillet full of cornbread, a candle, their own quick wits. We cannot ignore their voices.

Julia's short story in the anthology is called A Measured Death: Mary is the wife of a brilliant and world famous concert pianist, with a seemingly well-to-do life in Manhattan. Long ago, however, Mary allowed Jan to absorb her into his orbit until she all but disappeared, her simple plans and dreams ground to a fine dust by years of control and petty cruelties. Now, in middle age, is it too late for her? Can she escape?

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“This anthology is a treasure. Empowering, inspirational, and sometimes wickedly funny. Timely fiction like this provides a special kind of justice—giving not only insight and empathy but a new strength to voices that must be heard.”
   —Hank Phillippi Ryan, nationally bestselling author of Trust Me and The Murder List

“Elizabeth Zelvin has put together a strong collection that reminds us—as if we ever need reminding—how the daily lives of women can be affected by the conduct of calculating or even careless men. The characters in these stories will challenge, surprise, and inspire you.”
   —Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of The Better Sister

“A soul-satisfying anthology of justice and revenge, expertly edited by Elizabeth Zelvin. Each story is a standout in its own way. If the deepest truths are revealed through fiction, then this anthology goes further, reflecting our own lives back and showing us how to live them just a bit better.”
   —Jenny Milchman, USA Today bestselling author of Cover of Snow and Wicked River

Level Best Books, paperback & ebook, September 2019, ISBN: 9781947915138