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The Dark End of Town In a startling debut, Pomeroy combines the suspense and intrigue of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series with the literary skill of the best current fiction about small town American life.

Abby—the thirty-year-old protagonist—has abandoned a brief career as a model in NYC to return with her new husband to Bantam, the small upstate New York town where they both grew up. When her husband dies unexpectedly, Abby tries to cope by going back to her old job waiting tables at the InnBetween, and by minding her own business and avoiding everyone else's. But when someone starts taking her boss' minivan for unauthorized midnight jaunts, Abby reluctantly agrees to try to find the culprit. There seems to be no connection between events when a local bad girl goes AWOL and a woman Abby just met is found shot to death, but Abby doesn't believe in coincidence. Not in Bantam. And to complicate matters, she is attracted to man who seems to have secrets of his own. Trying to find answers while working nights at the restaurant and days typing for an alcoholic screenwriter, she follows the trail. Fighting her own demons of guilt and remorse, and unaware that another murder is about to take place, the young widow gets pulled into the dark side of her small town, where looking away is no longer an option.

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

Carroll & Graf paperback, March 2007, ISBN: 978-0786719242
Kindle edition, ASIN: B0042RV0J2


"A terrific debut by Julia Pomeroy who has written a swiftly moving, finely observed whodunit... I couldn't put it down!"
   —Peter Biskind, author of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

"This quietly effective debut shows how one woman's attempt to pick up the pieces after her husband's death takes her into uncharted waters, one seemingly innocuous incident at a time. But for Abby Silvernale, all it takes is some mysterious car pickups and dropoffs to propel her into a mess of murder, sexual liasons and secrets that eschew cliche for understatement. I'm looking forward to Pomeroy's next effort."
   —Sarah Weinman, Picks of the Week

"Pomeroy gets the small-town setting right, and Abby has the makings of a fine amateur sleuth."
   —Barbara Bibel, Booklist

"Pomeroy artfully interweaves multiple plot strands building great suspense in this engaging first novel."
   —Lynne Maxwell, Mystery Scene Magazine

"Julia Pomeroy writes with great skill. I recommend mystery readers buy this book, as they will be ecstatic in the future as they brag about discovering this new author and possessing her first book. I am convinced she has a successful career ahead of her."
   —Carolyn Lanier, iloveamysterynewsletter.com

"The Dark End of Town is an appealing, sophisticated, often hilarious story of small town life. As a whodunit with an attractive and savvy sleuth, it's first rate."
   —Ann La Farge, The Independent

"Pomeroy makes an impressive publishing debut with her heroine, a likable, believable character you want to get to know better in future books. She also introduces many memorable characters.
  She is blessed with a literate style, and her pacing is fast and the plotting intricate. The denouement is scary and unpredictable, but it rings true as the bad guys reveal the casual ugliness that populates the dark end of town."
   —Pohla Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"If you're looking for one of those great escape reads that make you forget what time it is, this is it. A terrific yarn!"
   —Pierce County Library, Tocoma, Washington

"May Abby Silvernale's ongoing adventures continue to prove that soft-boiled crime novels don't need to be overwrought, insipid, or unrealistic, but can instead provide richer, more complex glimpses of interesting, recognizable places inhabited by flesh-and-blood people."
   —Henway, MysteryBookSpot.com