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Cold Moon Home Julia Pomeroy's artsy waitress Abby Silvernale returns to the moonlit back roads of the Hudson Valley in book two of her gripping new mystery series.

Fall is coming to Bantam, NY, the small town where Abby Silvernale waits tables at the InnBetween. Seasonal business is slowing down and her boss, Dulcie, is forced to cut back on shifts. Abby has no choice but to take a part-time job—as an amanuensis—with Norman, a ninety-one-year-old sculptor with a crumbling memory.

When the flamboyant and needy Germaine LeClair breezes into town, having just written a successful book about Tuscany, Abby discovers she has a long history with the domineering old sculptor. On the surface, Germaine seems to be all she claims, but there is something from her past she isn't telling.

At the restaurant, Dan the dishwasher quits and Dulcie hires Fritz, a man Abby distrusts from the moment she meets him. As Fritz gradually seduces and isolates Dulcie, Abby stands by, powerless. And when long-hidden secrets, revenge, and greed erupt into violence, Abby must fight to survive in this stunning sequel to The Dark End of Town.

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

Carroll & Graf hardcover, September 2007, ISBN: 978-0786719815
Kindle edition, ASIN: B0042RV0QK


"A gritty heroine, a scary plot and a realistic picture of small-town life."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"No good deeds go unpunished in Pomeroy's high-energy second Abby Silvernale whodunit. Abby's a lovable, loose cannon sleuth who does what she wants when she wants, poking and prodding until she finds the truth."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Waitress, property owner, amanuensis, amateur bowler and part-time sleuth are words that can be used to describe the protagonist Abby Silvernale. Abby was introduced in Pomeroy's book The Dark End of Town and quickly became a favorite of mine....Julia Pomeroy keeps Abby busy on more than one mystery in this excellent book but does a wonderful job of weaving them all together."
   —Pat Reid, Books'n'Bytes

"[COLD MOON HOME is] entertaining and well-written, and is recommended."
   —Gloria Feit, Midwest Book Review

"Author Julia Pomeroy writes with a simple lyricism that compels the reader to keep turning the pages. Multiple plot lines twine and intertwine to a merging point that seems inevitable. Abby herself is an onion of personality—for every layer she shows to the public there is a deeper strata of self she keeps hidden.
From the InnBetween's shifty new dishwasher to a town lawyer to an eighty-something artist, Pomeroy's dialogue rings true for each character. No voice can be mistaken for another, creating a rich flavor and a regret when, all too soon, the end of the novel is reached."
   —Janet Koch, Mystery Morgue

"[Abby Silvernale] must try to save her friend and deal with the secrets from Norman's past before violence erupts. Pomeroy once again makes great use of the small-town ambience of the Hudson River Valley. Recommend this series to readers of Shelly Reuben's The Skirt Man (2006), also set in a seemingly idyllic upstate New York town."
   —Barbara Bibel, Booklist

"Cold Moon Home is not just a mystery—it's the story of an appealing young working woman trying to get her life together. Between sleuthings, she finds time for a bowling league, a romance, buddies and the dailiness of small town life. We will eagerly await the next Abby Silvernale mystery."
   —Ann LaFarge, The Independent

"Pomeroy juggles the different plots with ease and keeps the reader guessing the outcome right along with the heroine."
   —Romantic Times Book Reviews

"COLD MOON HOME is the second novel by Julia Pomeroy and it is as good as her first. The setting in Bantam, NY is great. The town is filled with colorful characters with interesting lives and Pomeroy has a unique way of describing the town and its residents that make readers want to come back for more. As a main character, Abby is a gem. If you're looking for a brilliant new author to read, give any of Julia Pomeroy's books a try."
   —Sharon Katz, Reviewing the Evidence

"Pomeroy has an especially fine talent for personality description. Cold Moon Home is a fascinating psychological drama replete with emotional encounters among Norman's various relatives, all set in a blue-collar world of bowling and "hashing" and is virtually guaranteed to provide several hours of enjoyable reading."
   —John A. Broussard, I Love a Mystery

"Excellent second book in her series. The characters crackle. The sense of place, too. In my opinion, Julia's second book is even better than her first."
   —Chris Grabenstein, author of Tilt-a-Whirl

"I was fortunate enough to win a copy of Julia Pomeroy's second book, Cold Moon Home, and just wanted to say how enjoyable it was. It's always great fun to discover a new author, whose book is an entertaining read and leaves you wanting more. In this case, fortunately, I was able to go and read book one in the series, The Dark End of Town, and found it just as enjoyable. The books feature Abby Silvernale, a young widow who works as a waitress in a small town in New York, and, on the side, of course, solves murders. Abby is edgy and quirky, yet thoroughly appealing. Both books have a wonderful setting, well-drawn characters, realistic dialogue, and engrossing plots and are the kind of books that make you want to read each and every word.
   —Margaret Franson, DorothyL

"I was highly impressed by this book. This is number two in the Abby Silvernale series. I won this book at a DorothyL contest and like it so much that I just ordered the first in the series. The way the story was told was similar to Nancy Pickard's The Virgin of Small Plain or Earlene Fowler's The Saddlemaker's Wife. Very vivid characters and a sense of place. The storyline in this book is quite in depth, an excellent read."
   —Cindy Maher, DorothyL

"I went overboard this past weekend and started off with THE DARK END OF TOWN, staying up till 4 a.m. Saturday morning to finish it. I then managed to pick up COLD MOON HOME, read the first couple of pages, and forced myself to put a marker in it, and turn off the light. I managed to convince my grandson that he needed an afternoon nap which coincided perfectly with my need to start reading again! I'm almost finished with CMH and I certainly hope this series will continue. I am sure now that I have practically had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the InnBetween, and that I will have to wait a while until the next course is served."
   —Keizerfire, DorothyL