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No Safe Ground  NO SAFE GROUND
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Reynolds Packard's a down-at-heels limo driver who lives in a run-down house in the back woods of upstate New York, with no family or ties other than his ex-cop cousin, Millie. And then, into his life barrels the daughter he'd given up fifteen years before and who is now AWOL from the military and running for her life.

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"Pomeroy's characters are rough around the edges but expertly drawn, making this fast-paced thriller both intriguing and believable."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Fans of Pomeroy's Abby Silvernale will welcome another strong heroine who must overcome physical and mental challenges to survive."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"A great thriller—had me on the the edge of my seat from the first page until the last."
   —Andrew Gulli, Managing Editor, The Strand Magazine

"Julia Pomeroy is a mystery writer hitting her stride."
   —Bestselling Author Craig Johnson

"No Safe Ground will keep your pulse pounding and the pages flying."
   —NYT bestselling Author Andrew Gross

"Julia Pomeroy delivers style, suspense and an intriguing and timely plot..."
   —Bestselling Author Rosemary Harris

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"A gritty heroine, a scary plot and a realistic picture of small-town life."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Pomeroy once again makes great use of the small-town ambience of the Hudson River Valley..."

"Pomeroy artfully interweaves multiple plot strands building great suspense..."
   —Lynne Maxwell, Mystery Scene Magazine

"[Pomeroy] is blessed with a literate style, and her pacing is fast and the plotting intricate."
   —Pohla Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"...entertaining and well-written... recommended."
   —Midwest Book Review

"If you're looking for a brilliant new author to read, give any of Julia Pomeroy's books a try."
   —Reviewing the Evidence

"Author Julia Pomeroy writes with a simple lyricism that compels the reader to keep turning the pages..."
   —Mystery Morgue

"Pomeroy has an especially fine talent for personality description..."
   —I Love a Mystery



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